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March 09 2016


Preventing Business Exiting Over Debt

Business debt can cause many problems, but most issues can be resolved before the business is forced to close, depending on the actions of the owner. If the owner does nothing, debt will get worse, collection efforts and lawsuits will commence, and the business will eventually close. There are steps that can be taken, and help that is available to find business debt solutions, if the problem is dealt with sooner rather than later. If a business has closed over excessive debt, help is still available to keep the owner out of courts.

The best thing to do, as a business owner, is keep track of expenses and income on a regular basis to have an idea of how the business is doing. Leaving finances completely in the hands of a manager or accountant is not a wise choice. Reviewing accounts and expenses at least quarterly will alert owners to issues before they are extreme. If an account is sixty days past due, for example, it needs to be paid as soon as possible. Most creditors will begin collection procedures when a bill is ninety days past due. If there are many accounts past due, it is time to seek outside help for credit card debt relief.

Professional creditor negotiations is one service that can help alleviate business debt. The negotiator works with businesses and their creditors to reach an acceptable business debt settlement Orlando. That can be one lump payment for less than the original balance of the debt, or it can be monthly payments that the business can afford until the debt is paid off. If there are several creditors, the business makes one monthly payment to the company that then pays each creditor the agreed amount. The fee for the service is added to the payment, so the business is still only making one payment.

It is better to hire an experienced company rather than trying to negotiate debt settlements alone. Business owners have no experience with negotiations, they are stressed out and emotionally involved in the outcome, and they also need to focus efforts on maintaining their business. Fees are not expensive for services, and the expense is worth it when the business continues to remain open. Other services offered include finding capital funding to pay off debt. That may be a debt consolidation loan, but those are difficult to get approved, depending on the situation and the amount of debt. Other options for business debt consolidation Orlando may be inventory financing, factoring, or cash advances based on monthly credit card processing.

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